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“We need to begin changing how we live, work and commute to put B.C. on a cleaner, more sustainable path.”
B.C. Premier John Horgan

To Our Valued Shareholders –

On December 5, EVT Motors electric vehicles were front and centre as B.C. Premier John Horgan announced CleanBC, the province’s bold new plan to shift to a future powered by clean energy.

New legislation set to be introduced in spring 2019 will see 10 per cent of all new light-duty car and truck sales in the province be zero emissions by 2025 – rising to 30 per cent in 2030 and 100 per cent by 2040.

Getting in a zero-emissions vehicle will become even easier with the province expanding its incentive program by $20-million. It’ll also expand a fast-charger network to 151 sites, increase job training for zero-emissions vehicles and transition heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses, port and airport ground equipment, and marine vessels to ZEV’s.

Read the entire Clean BC report here.

2019 Urban Electric Class 3 Truck

2019 EVT Logistics Van


Weeks before the CleanBC announcement on a chilly October day, B.C. Premier John Horgan and Green Leader Andrew Weaver held a private meeting with EVT Motors officials. They took a test drive of our fleet of electric vehicles, including our 2019 Urban Electric Class 3 Truck and 2019 Logistics Van. The pair were all smiles as they rode around the B.C. Legislature – and expressed their excitement over the possibility of zero-emissions utility vehicles being used in the province. Horgan said he was also intrigued by the prospect of having those vehicles manufactured in B.C., something stated directly in the government’s CleanBC plan.

In their words: “Cleaner fuels like LNG and biofuels may be powering these fleets for some time, but we will also be attracting the leading heavy electric vehicle manufacturers to deploy their first fleets here and contribute to our climate goals.”

2019 is set to be an expansive year for the production of electric vehicles throughout North America. We look forward to be leaders of innovation within this emerging industry.

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